Re: New KAT500 pics from the Visalia DX convention BNC and Bad cables (Morphed)

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Re: New KAT500 pics from the Visalia DX convention BNC and Bad cables (Morphed)

Bill K9YEQ
Not to claim to be some super operator or know it all... This is the safest
way to keep track of bad cables.  I have a few waiting for new ends.  And
Don's last paragraph makes great sense.  Modified equipment has less value.
I want the wife to get all she can out of my equipment when I die while
running (not in the shack on my PC and HR).


-----Original Message-----
...  I do keep a constant check on the BNC connectors - if the shield
escapes the clamp, or the center conductor is pulled back, I discard the
cable, or simply cut off the offending cable end so I know to repair it

For those with more permanent stations, I would highly recommend sticking
with theUHF connectors or using UHF to BNC adapters rather than modifying
your equipment. Just my humble opinion.


On 4/24/2012 10:37 PM, Craig Smith wrote:
> I installed the Oak Hills BNC connectors in my K3 during the initial build
5 years ago.  Great decision.   Much more convenient and allows for rapid
cable changes.  Everything in my shack and antenna runs has been
standardized with BNCs.
> 73  Craig  AC0DS

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