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Tuning an 811h


I simply put a momentary switch in a mini box wired across the key line.
Hold it down as long as you need.The max key  down time at max power on
the 811h is 7 seconds per the manual.  Was LOL at the send dits at 35
WPM. Try dipping the 811h to resonance while bringing up the drive with
one hand in 7 seconds. The 811h  doesn't peak resonance at low drive
then just turn the exciter drive up. It must be 'tweeked' at full drive
as per the manual. Lots of work with just one  hand in 7 seconds. LOL.
That's why my 811h is on the XYLs desk where she mostly  contests single
band SSB & I use a KPA500.

With the auto set  on the KPA500  I still  tap it  for an instant   to
see the LEDs light  correctly. Just in case I am on the wrong antenna or
some other problem.

Parts are under $10 & it makes using an 811h a lot easier

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