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Unsolicited testimonial for KX-1

Alan Jump
Yesterday, I did something I've never done before. I worked a contest --
the IARU HF Championships -- using only CW. And I did it with an
inherited KX-1 (I'm still trying to find where the original builder put
the serial number sticker) and a random-wire antenna tossed into a small
tree outside my window.

Conditions weren't great, at least not until after the CME's expected
arrival. Due to time restrictions, I didn't get many contacts; only six,
in fact. But if the bearing and distance calculators in my log program
are believable, I was getting around 900 miles on two watts. The KXAT1
reported a match of 1.1:1 on the entirety of the 20m CW band. I had to
pack up before 40m opened up, or I might have worked quite a bit more.

Kudos to the KX-1 designers. If this little transceiver works this well
on a rough-cut OCF dipole slung out a window, I'm looking forward to
trying it on a Buddipole.

73 de N5ILN/6
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