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Update K2 FS from Apr 21 de kj0p

I am helping a SUDDEN-SK YL liquidate the SK K2 base station. The station was active until Nov. 2021.

The K2 is sold AS-IS, USED, double boxed. FEDEX insured CONUS shipped for $975.
YL accepts USPS MO.

I have no personal stake in this. I just happen to own a K2. I can facilitate a sale though.

In the station NO fur smoke vapes. Pictures can be provided.

According to Elecraft the SK is the original owner, first buying the K2 basic in 2008 and options after that. They do not know who built the various assemblies. Manuals are originals and may not hint of kit building.

The K2 has been powered up but not all functions tested. It was not used portable. It drove a KPA500/KAT500 which is sold. There is also a P3 and a KAT/100 in the shack to be sold too. The K2 has an interface for the P3. Offers are entertained on those for awhile until more carefully checked.

K2 Options: KBT2 K60XV KNB2 KSB2 KNB2 KDSP2-RTC KIO2 K160+RX-SWITCH K6XX(NOT INSTALLED) Z10000-K2. A NUE-PSK Digital Modem, K2 wiring, will be included as well.

The K2 comes with options installed. No attempt has been made to pop the hood but it is heavy compared to my K2 10 banger.

Power cable and Elecraft mic included.

Posting of questions on the reflector will be answered but no actual sales exchanges. Contact kj0p at arrl dot net for next step on sales. Phone # would be helpful.

73 de John, aka KJ0P