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W1 software testing help

Mike Markowski-2
If you have a W1, I hope you can take a few minutes to help me test software.

The software runs, but the test is to see if it can be run with a single click
from a web page.  I'm fairly new to that aspect.  If you'd like to test it, can
you please follow the directions below and email me offlist whether it worked or
not?  And if not, what OS, 32/64 bit, serial port info (motherboard or usb
converter), and errors you received?

Thanks very much!  73,
Mike ab3ap

1. Connect to serial port and turn on your W1.

2. Go to:   http://udel.edu/~mm/ham/elecraft/w1/

3. Below the top two pictures is a little Elecraft icon that says "Click me".
Click it and hopefully an analog face to the W1 will start up.  (When prompted,
it's safe to accept the certificate.)
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Re: W1 software testing help

 It worked for me.  Do you have a distributable version that can be loaded on my computer?