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Mike Markowski-2
I've been in a programming mood lately and have added a few new features
to my W1 software.  One program now offers 3 meter faces: analog,
digital, and tiny.  Analog is dual meter, optionally providing
"lollipops" with digital readings; digital, with VU meter display; and
tiny, offering units of W or dBm along with color coded SWR.
Screenshots and one-click run are available at:


I also added a little program at:


to measure antenna bandwidth.  Bypass your ATU and change to the band of
interest first, then start it up.  It will loop through the frequency
range, tx at 1W, measure SWR, go to rx, and continue.  A file is
generated that you can plot then plot.

Please email direct (offlist) with any problems and I'll try to sort
them out.  Thanks!

Mike ab3ap
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