XV 222/432 both turn on

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XV 222/432 both turn on

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Hi Folks,

I am adding the xv 432 to my K2 station. I have previously setup and run the other three- XV 50, 144, and 222, without any problems.
Upon adding the XV 432 to  ADR 4 and TRN 4, Both the XV 222 and 432 light up when I go to TRN 3 for the 222 txvr. When I go to TRN 4, both go out and 432 still does not work.

I have checked all the Switches inside the XV's so that are set properly, i .e. 1 on for xv 50, 2 on for xv 144, 3 on for xv 222 and 4 on for xv 432.

If I operate the xv 432 or 222 by itself they seem to work fine.

Any help would be Appreciated!!

73, Kevin NZ1I
K2 # 7362 all bells and whistles

Problems Found:

In XV 432- R30 and R31 were Swapped by builder. Resistors were removed, checked for value, and placed properly.

Found Short in Transverter Control Cable at XV 50 DB-9 connector. When cable was moved relays could be heard chattering. Opened connector and found wires too close to each other. Separated wires and re installed strain relief.

Seems All Better!! Thank You to Don who pointed me in right direction!