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k3/100 with THP amp question

I have the special cable from Array Solutions, the "K3THP1" to connect the
K3 to the THP HL-1.5KFX amp.

When looking at this cable, I notice there is a 15-pin plug, an ALC
connection via a RCA phono plug and a round 5-pin DIN plug (most likely for
the Yaesu
plug-in on the rear of the THP amp.

I believe that I read somewhere on the Reflector that the K3THP1 cable does
trasnfer band data and ALC information between the K3 and the THP-1.5KFX amp
without the use of any other separate ALC cable.

I believe that I have to set the THP-1.5KFX amp to the "YAESU" position on
BAND SELECT (on front panel of amp).

Does anyone on the Elecraft Reflector use the K3/100, THP HL-1.5KFX set-up?
If so, how well does it work for you?

How much drive do I need from the K3 to bring the amp to full 1KW power, 500
watts and 700 watts etc.?

At the moment, I am using an IC-756PROII with the THP HL-1.5KFX amp. I am
using the ALC connection, send/relay connection and CI-V connection between
the 756PROII and the THP. It works very well. I use 50-60 watts to drive the
THP amp to around 750 watts.

I have been thinking about selling my pristine 756PROII for a Kenwood
TS-590S. I do plan to buy the KX-3 later this year or early next year. I
also have an
IC-7800. Having the K3/100, IC-7800, TS-590S and KX-3 would be the perfect
rig set-up!!! I may even sell my loaded K1-4 after I buy the KX-3.

Thanks for your help. Please send replies directly to my e-mail below.

Bob Wilderman, K3SRO
[hidden email]

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